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The first edition of DELUXE ORIGINAL COMPETITION is a real success!

The opportunity to bring together in one place, on Romand ground, so many talents was too good. Participants barkeepers were not mistaken, and did us the honor of their participation with high-level creations.

The creations give pride of place to ginger, lime, lychee and other cumbawa, since for this edition, the theme is Asia. Very fresh cocktails combining Asian flavors, originality, aesthetics and technical skills.

In a studious and family atmosphere, in front of an attentive audience, everyone worked to create and promote their ideal cocktail, using Deluxe Original vodka.


Under the watchful eye of Marcel Wenger, (technical jury) and Kathrin Leisi, (President of SBU), all of them demonstrated very professional expertise. They did honor not only to the creativity, the product, but also to the entire BARKEEPER profession.

The Laureates designated by the jury for this 2019 edition are:

1st : Pier Remo Mascaro

Brasserie Moderne à Bulle

2nd : Guillaume Forestier

Bottle Brother à Lausanne

3rd : Laura Schürch

La Salamandre à Portalban

Very honorable mention for:

– Lalou Althaus, le Bleu lézard à Lausanne
– Maxime défago , Bar le Comptoir à Sion
– Kenneth Gerber, le Twenty’s Cocktail bar à Bienne
– Luca Margnini, Le cintra Bar à Fribourg
– Romeu Martins du Funcky’s Claude bar de Montreux
– Marion Moutte, Cocktail Club à Lausanne
– Stefano Muntoni La Petite Maison, Cran-Montana
– Stéfania Sterjov du Royal Savoy à Lausanne
– Jean Vaquier de la Brasserie de Montbenon . Lausanne

A few pictures :

Thanks :

– Romain Tritch Bar le Comptoir
– Kathrin Leisi Présidente SBU (SWISS BARKEEPER UNION)
– Président du Jury technique : Marcel Wenger
– Président jury dégustation : Victor Pfaffhauser
– Secrétariat Jury : Karin Wenger
– Membres jury dégustation: Nils Zurcher, Sarah Gaillard
– Photographes : Ivanov Kire, Stéphane Etter
– Caméra : Juraj Berezny