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Deluxe Original Vodka Six Pack (6x70cl)

CHF 275.00

Find all the flavors and subtlety of Deluxe Original vodka, delivered in its gift box. Ideal to offer, for your cocktails, as an aperitif or to accompany your favorite dishes. 6x 0.7l. 40% alcohol vol.



A delicate and generous vodka

Composition: Deluxe Original Vodka is an Ultra Premium product, composed of wheat wheat and rye.

Origin: Belarus, Minsk. Minsk Kristall Distillery.

Special features: 7 distillations, 100% without additives, 100% gluten-free, 100% without sugars, 100% without glycerin, 100% natural.

Taste qualities: Velvety, delicate, subtle and authentic.

Tasting advice: Plain or in cocktails, even at room temperature. Accompanied by fish, pickled vegetables, etc.

Only available in 70cl thermos bottles.


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